Jn. Rigby & Cie

A with gold decorated rimfire revolver, calibre 8 mm, by Jn. Rigby & Cie Dublin

Many thanks to “BOLKANTIQUES” for the pictures.

W.m & J.n. Rigby

Irish Four-Barrel All-Steel Percussion Pistol: By W.m & J.n. Rigby, Dublin, circa 1829.  1 1/2" turn-off barrels numbered respectively from '5' to '8', signed butt with characteristic foliate scroll and border engraving, engraved hammer with rotating nose, folding trigger, and pommel pierced to form a lanyard ring of 5 1/2".

Many thanks to "CWSLAGLEANTIQUES" for the photos.

J. Rigby & C° - London

Type Pryse