Israel Segalas senior.

The pistol is 14 3/4" length with an 8 5/8" round smoothbore barrel of .65 caliber. The rear 3 1/2" of the barrel has a flat sighting plane engraved "SEGALAS LONDON", and the left side of the breech has three oval cartouches with a dog's head, crown over GP, and a crown over "IS". The pistol has a full length walnut stock with a horn for end cap with raised moldings at the barrel and ramrod channels, and at the barrel tang terminating in a shell carving. The front of the trigger guard has a raised molding with a raised fleur-de-lis connecting this molding to that at the ramrod channel. The frizzen is very ornate with the supporting arm carved in the form of a bare breasted female figure at the top and with a serpent and a gargoyle at the base. The side plate is pierced and is sculptured in the form of a leafy scroll. This pistol is believed to be the work of Israel Segalas the senior, circa 1715-1720.

Photos authorized by “JC DEVINE” with my grateful thanks.