English Box Lock flint by Smith with barrel spanner.


Smith (But is it the same ?)

English Flintlock Pistol Marked Smith

NSN, 56 cal., 4 inch round bbl., brown finish, and walnut grips. English flintlock pocket pistol with gold inlaid Damascus barrel. The barrel has a Damascus finish and is decorated with a gold band inlaid at the breech.

The wedge-fastened walnut stock has a single iron ramrod pipe, chequered grips and a German silver escutcheon inlaid behind the tang.

The lock is fitted with a sliding safety and is decorated with floral engraving.

The maker's name, "SMITH" is engraved ahead of the hammer.

The iron trigger guard has a pineapple shaped finial and is decorated with engravings of military trophies.

The ramrod is wood with a flared brass tip.