Unwin & Rodgers

Unwin and Rodgers percussion revolver.

Unwin and Rodgers was known for their knife pistols. The top of the barrel is marked Unwin & Rodgers Birmingham & Sheffield.

This is a pistol of the Civil War era. It appears to be either .28 or .31 calibre.

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Unwin et Rodgers

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Unwin et Rodgers

Combination Knife and Folding Trigger Pistol

.32 pinfire caliber, 3 3/4-inch octagonal smoothbore barrel, primarily of German silver; British proofmarks on barrel with maker and Sheffield address; chequered horn side panels; 3 5/8-inch maker-marked single edge knife blades; German silver and steel frame.

Unwin & Rodgers

Unwin & Rodgers Style Percussion Knife Pistol of Unusually Small (Possibly Unique) Size: German silver or alloy frame and barrel with horn scales, barrel measures approx. 2 3/4", only 5 1/2" overall, blade is approx. 3 3/4" when unfolded, barrel is approx. .25 cal. Pistol retains a mold and tweezers in the grip slot and the breech shows English type proofs. The right side has the name "Billington" inscribed in the side plate.