Edouard Whistler

Very Fine Cased English .52 Caliber Silver-Mounted Pepperbox by Edward Whistler, London, c. 1860

4 1/4-inch barrels inscribed E. WHISTLER 11. STRAND, LONDON, ornately scroll engraved muzzles, breeches with simple border engraving, engraved silver nipple-shield, silver frame and grip straps engraved in bold foliate scrolls, hammer, triggerguard and grip cap engraved en suite, ivory grip panels inset with silver-studs (pique) in a cross-hatch pattern framing a rose and thistle motif; ivory-mounted turn-screws, two piece pewter oil vessel marked James Dixon & Sons Sheffield, ball mould with integral sprue-cutter and loading rod, mahogany rod with brass tip concealing a ball screw; the whole contained within a gilt brass-bound mahogany case lined with maroon velour.

Note: Edward Whistler, working dates 1856 -1900. See Der Neue Stockel, page 1376.