Lee-Enfield rifle in calibre .303 British was the rifle of the British army of 1895 to 1957.

Five successive models marked the history in Great Britain, in Australia, in Canada and in India:

- Carbines and rifles Lee-Enfield Mark I

- Lee-Enfield Mark III

- Lee Enfield n4

- Lee-Enfield n5 MK1 says Jungle Carbine

- The rifle of precision L39/L42


Lee-Enfield n 1 Mark III, Lee for the name of its inventor and Enfield for the name of the principal arsenal which manufactured it. Arms with the British troops and the Commonwealth of 1907 at the beginning of the years 1960.

Lee enfield N4 in equipment starting from 1939, replaces Mark III during 2de WW.

Very appreciated for its precision and the fact that it could contain ten ammunition.

Lee-Enfield n5 MK1 nickname Jungle Carbine.

Who is in fact a version shortened and reduced of Lee enfield N4.

Used in Burma in 1944 and 1945.

Weapon very required by the collectors.


Enfield 1878

Rifle Lee Medford 1893

Rifle Enfield N1 Mark III

Lee Enfield MK III cal .22

Rifle Enfield N4 MK1

Fusil Enfield N4 MK1/2 Sniper

Fusil Enfield N7 MK1 cal .22

Enfield P14


Revolver Enfield