ARANA Fuldain, Julian / ARANA Esteban

ARANA Fuldain, Julian: manufacturer of weapons established with Eibar during the Twenties, probably after 1923. It appears among the manufacturers who subjected their production of handguns and weapons of shoulder to the proofhouse of Eibar. Its mark: JULIAN ARANA. The statement of the arms manufacturers of 1929 announces it as manufacturer of revolvers to tilting barrel.

Hogg & Weeks also quote firm ARANA y CIA as standard manufacturer of revolvers Smith & Wesson and marketed under mark EL CANO (mark not deposited officially).

The workshop of Julian ARANA survived the civil war and is remained in activity until in the Seventies while being limited to the production of shotguns.


Mea culpa: the revolver in question is obviously not of the type Smith & Wesson… Its marking being E.Arana approaches Esteban ARANA quoted by Phil, the years (1880) corresponds better to the type of pin weapon illustrated, Lefaucheux kind. Thus Philippe is right undoubtedly as usual…

Arana Julian in question in my first answer is probably a successor of this family who’s Francisco ARANA, of Eibar is deceased in 1803. Another ARANA, Victor T., deposited a patent in 1894 for a “new type of pistol” but without another precision available.

One remains in the family: the box can probably be allotted to ARANA Esteban - it is registered on the revolver: En ARANA - registered with the register of Eibar in 1883. I haven’t any other information about it.


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