Barthelet Y. Chastang

Revolver pinfire 12 mm of manufacture, according to the Spanish signature, “Barthelet Y. Chastang”

In a treating text of the weapons of Eibar we can read:

The brothers Ernesto and Leopoldo Chastang were the French specialists engaged in 1864 by “Orbea Hermanos” (Orbea Frères), to organize the new workshop of mechanics in their factory. The names “Barthelet y Chastang” indicates an association of these two characters, who had difficulties financial of having a workshop having the capacity to produce weapons in which their mark appears. The “completion” was the speciality of the Chastang brothers, while Barthelet maintained obvious relation with the French and Belgian manufacturers. Ideal conditions of this association to market with their names a production acquired out of Spain.

Revolver in white polish with engravings of sheets and lianas on the thunder, the cylinder, the breech and its shield like on the whole of the carcass.

Round barrel with thunder has sides, screwed on the axis power station and consolidated by a screw fixing on the front with the console.

The breech returns out of shield on the cylinder to protect the pins from the ammunition.

Folding trigger without trigger guard.

Stick with plates in the shape of squared water drop, ending in a ring.

Miss the rod of ejection and its spring as well as the spring of the door of loading.

Punches and markings:


On the left thunder “Barthelet Y. Chastang” and one 6 between the screw pitch of central axis and the opening of passage of the rod.


On the circumference, the mark of manufacture BC 70 crowned in an oval.

On the face one 6.

Breech and carcass:

One 6 on the door of loading and the breech

With fixing barrel/carcass one finds the mark of manufacture BC 70 crowned in an oval.

Technical characters:

Current weight:                           744 grams

Overall length:                      241 mm

Length barrel:                     126 mm including 25 mm for the thunder

                                                4 0.3 depth mm grooves

Cylinder:                                   6 blows 12 mm with pin

Length:                                31 mm

Diameter:                                42.5 mm

Breech diam.:             53 mm

Shield:                                 11 mm

Completion:                                  Polished white

Mechanism:                            Simple and Double action


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