Ignacio Bascaran

This pistol features a Miquelet lockwork and was undoubtedly been converted from flint onto percussion. Judging by the pictures, it looks like the whole breech has been replaced by a block containing the nipple. I think that the rectangular aperture that is visible ahead of the nipple, with its lateral screw and a piece of a flat spring, is the housing of the now lacking nipple cover. This kind of safety system is often seen on German made pistols of the time.

Also the belt hook is typical of the time. In my modest opinion, this is a non-regular officer pistol, made in the 18th century and converted onto percussion around 1835-40.

Marcel (Belgium)

The first news that is had of the Bascarán Company is of 1795 due to a spark key that is conserved in the Museum of Eibar signed by Fernando Bascarán.

The factory of arms Bascarán de Eibar was one of the most important Basque companies of century XIX and principles of the XX. It was founded by Mr. Ygnacio Bascarán in Eibar in 1820 and its factory continued working until year 1862, date in which their children and later their grandsons were made position of the factory.

The last gunsmith of the Bascarán clan of which I have news was of Mr. Martín Bascarán, which made a semiautomatic pistol Ruby type until year 1918 to equip to the armies French and English during the I World war.

Jesus Madrińán Vázquez (Spain)

In "Der Neue Stoeckel" of Eugčne Heer, we can find a "Ignacio Bascaran, Eibar ca. 1820-1840

Edoardo Mori (Italie)

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