Echave y Arizmendi

This pistol is of Spanish manufacture “Echave y Arizmendi”. It was produced in calibres 6,35 and 7,65 Browning.

The firm Echave y Arizmendi is mentioned with EIBAR (Spain) in 1914 under the corporate name “Jose Echave y the CIA”, and was owner of a workshop occupying 4 workmen in 1916.

This workshop appears in the registers in 1917 and reappears in 1918 like “Echave y Arizmendi”, with a workshop occupying between 10 and 20 workmen.

Echave y Arizmendi deposited the Spanish patent n° 66130 per 20 years on January 7, 1918.

Object of the patent: “Nuevo sistema para quedarse automaticamente en el seguro las pistolas automaticas, cuyo factor principal es la lengueta que gira a modo de bisagra, y colocado en la parte inferior del disparador, con objeto de evitar los disparos casualtes que pudieran occurir de quedarse involutariamente en la recamara algun casquillo, creuendose descargada al retararse la cartuchera de las pistolas”.

The Bronco mark was indeed used by Echave y Arizmendi, but is not taken again with the Spanish Bulletin of the industrial marks.


I confirm. I found it in Zhuk, ref. 2206, and the logo of the plates is well EA and not AC as I believed to have read initially.


About the research project 1668, I find in my book the name “Echasa Y Arizmendi” manufacturer of the pistols of the mark “Bronco” and not the name Echave y Arizmendi, it is at the very least strange not?


Who’s who Spanish arms manufacture quotes (I translate):

“… After the civil war (Spanish), Echave y Arizmendi gave up arms manufacture and was devoted to the manufacture of bicycles and metal furniture. However, in 1959 it was constituted in limited company under the denomination “ECHASA, Echave y Arizmendi S.A.”, manufacturing again automatic pistol and shotgun based on Walther PP, marketed under marks BASQUE, ECHASA, DICKSON SPECIAL AGENT and FAST, as of Parabellum of calibre 22 sold under mark LUR-PANZER. This production was primarily intended for the American market and ended in 1969, year of the closing of the factory. “


- in 1914: Jose Echave y the CIA

- in 1918: Echave y Arizmendi (manufacturer of famous “the Bronco”)

- of 1959 to 1969: ECHASA, EChave y Arizmendi S.a.

The mystery is thus cleared up… I supposes.


According to the “Zhuk”, it would be ECHAVE y ARIZMENDI. The drawing of the book represents the BRONCO M1918, with curved scratches on the slide; I suppose that there were some small variations of detail in the production. It is obviously one of the innumerable copies of the Browning, once again equipped with an internal hammer (why simplify the things when one can just as easily complicate them, isn’t it?).


To bring of “water to the mill of Marcel”, I quote:

In June 1912, Echave y Arizmendi appeared among the 14 manufacturers who met in Eibar to face the threats of the Fabrique Nationale (FN Belgium), eager to put a term at the Spanish manufacture of pistols supposed to usurp the Browning patents. On this date, the production declared for Echave y Arizmendi was ten units per day.

Modest and theoretical competition…



This pistol was produced by Echave y Arizmendi, in Eibar in Spain

Firm which begins its activities in 1911, a bottom-of-the-range production which improves then and survives the civil war.

E Y A in a circle (Y is illustrated by the three rays of wheel)

A priori production after 1950, various models and calibres under names ECHASA (for Echave y Arizmendi y CIA SA) or FAST!

In appendix the logo of the firm.

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