Revolver Echeverria Herms Vitoria

Design features

Number of the weapon presents on all the important parts: 30

Calibre: 12mm.

System of operation: simple and double action.

Capacity of the cylinder: 6 shots.

Diameter external and length of the cylinder: 43mm X 31mm

Diameter of the rooms side base and opposite side: 12mm X 11,30 mm

Principle of percussion: pinfire.

Nominal diameter of the barrel: 11mm

Diameter at bottom of stripes 11.3mm

Length of the barrel: 136mm

The barrel is round and finishes side barrel by an octagon of 18,8mm.

Weight of the weapon without munitions: 828 gr.

Length and height of the revolver: 260mm. X 145mm.


We are here a revolver with open frame and functioning in simple and double action.

This revolver does not have a bead, to aim one must make it with the hammer with armed, and in this case, the line of sight is of 200mm.

The loading is carried out using a side door placed on the right side of the weapon.

The rod is driven in a guide who forms integral part of the console maintained in place by a spring right placed in the longitudinal axis of the rod to the site of the guide.

The barrel, its support as well as the guide of the rod of ejection are cast of only one acierate casting.

One can notice that this revolver has rare and imposing rampart of protection and safety for the pins, just as it always has weak traces of nickel plating.

Two plates in drowning finely squared equip the handle which ends in a ring of suspension.


This revolver does not have of it any for the maid and simple reason, which there was not proofhouse in Spain at that time.


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