Erquiaga y Cia Eibar "FIEL"

CAL. 7.65mm

Spanish made World War One French military contract "Ruby" type semi automatic pistol manufactured in the period of 1915-1918 by Erquiaga y Cia, Eibar. Blowback design based on John Browning's FN/Colt M.1903. The left side of the slide is marked, "Erquiaga y Cia Eibar "FIEL" CAL. 7.65". Left side of the frame and slide displays "Reversed Swastika" (meaning unknown, please see pictures). The double letter, "EC" inside the oval is stamped on the left grip tang (French WWI contract magazine interchangeability proof). French contract "Star" proof marks are stamped on the grip, on both sides of the magazine release.

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