Léopold Bernard

BERNARD Bertrand Germain Léopold - Manufacturer of barrels of rifles in Paris.

Brother of Albert and son of Nicolas. Is established in 1823 after having worked for Gastinne RENETTE. It manufactured the Damas barrel says Léopold BERNARD for shotgun in 1840. Exposure of Paris in 1839 (MB), 1844 (MA), 1849 (MA), 1855 (MH), 1867 (MA), 1878 (MO Widow L BERNARD), 1889 (manufactures barrels Léopold BERNARD SA 129 avenue of Versailles Paris). It had its factory of barrels with Passy of 1840 to 1855. The same house is found between 1870 and 1879, street of Villejust. Registration of trademarks on January 26, 1863 and 1877. - 22, street Marbeuf - Factory to the 12 then 49, street of Villejust - 129 avenue of Versailles.

Edoardo Mori (Italy)

(According to Which is which weapon in France by Jean Jaques Buigné)


The Damas barrels with bronzing chocolate carry the signature of Léopold Bernard. It is the most famous manufacturer of barrels of the place of Paris. Owner of a factory of gun with Passy, the company Léopold Bernard will carry on his activity in Paris until 1890. It holds a quasi-monopoly as regards barrels of high precision as well from the shooting of as hunting. For example in 1852, Lefaucheux of Liège manufacture was sold 22 FF whereas Lefaucheux signed of the inventor and assembled with Bernard guns reached 566 FF. The barrles carry the punch of Léopold as well as following markings: LEOPOLD BERNARD CANONNIER A PARIS.


Léopold Bernard 22, street Marbeuf, harquebusier in Paris, mention of honor to the exposure of 1839

It had its factory of barrels with Passy 49, street of Villejust, 1840 to 1855. The same house is found between 1870 and 1879 in Passy 12, street of Villejust, and still in 1890 with Passy 129, avenue of Versailles,

NB Léopold had a brother who was called Albert. There existed also much of other “Bernard” but were there parents?

Max (Belgium)


BERNARD Nicolas Albert, settles in Paris in 1797 like gunner worked with Nicolas Noël BOUTET and (the rival of Boutet) Henri LEPAGE deceased in 1832. - 2 sons:

- BERNARD Albert, harquebusier, specialist in the “sporting” disciplines (guns and rifles of shooting) lived 23 street of Rochechouard, then 156, street of Grenelle (1844) and finally in a 1850 open stand to the 16 of the street of the Mound Picquet (sometimes spelled Lamothe Piquet) - which will become the 20 avenue of the Mound Stake in 1870 (following the passage of street in avenue and a renumerotation). The company and the stand will disappear in 1872.

- BERNARD Léopold, manufacturer of guns, whose company exerted in Paris (manufactures in Passy) until 1890.

N.B.: The BERNARD are (probably) of origin of Liège.

HPH (Belgium)