Cased Pair of French Screwbarrel Flintlock Muff Pistols and Dagger Ensemble by Broutet, Paris, c. 1790

.52 caliber, 1 3/8-inch screwbarrels with engraved muzzle bands. Bottom of breeches marked: Broutet, Paris. Sides of one example with frame engraved with hunting dog and deer pictorials; the other with lion and rampant horse pictorials. Top facets of frames marked: Fourni and Par. Floors of frames and folding triggers engraved with festoons, garlands, floral sprays and figural nudes. Thumb button safeties. Boxlock actions with engraved cocks. One-piece ebony slab grips carved with fishscale and shell motifs. Pistols contained in walnut green velvet-lined French-style casing with dagger having a 4 3/8-inch 4-sided spike blade with recurved steel crossguard, German silver ferrule and one-piece spiral form ebony grip with thumb rest pommel. German silver scabbard with ring mount. Set also contains single-cavity steel bullet mold. Case has two lidded corner compartments for other accessories. Lid of case with double gold line border inlays. Brass hook closures on sides of case.