An Exceptional Exhibition-Engraved Gold-Inlaid French Javelle Patent Double-Action Pin-Fire Revolver by Brun a Paris, c. 1865

3 5/8-inch blued octagonal barrel extensively engraved with rosebuds bearing gold-studded centers, the maker's name BRUN A PARIS deeply chiselled and highlighted by a stippled field, the letters accented by gold studs through their centers; underlever barrel release, barrel lug and frame each decorated en suite with cross-hatched pattern-work again complimented by gold-studded highlights throughout; the brightly blued cylinder features six vignettes of hunting scenes, panoplies-of-arms, musical instruments, and artist's easel, each back-grounded by gilded stippled fields, rhinoceros horn grip set with gold monogram CS and finished with a gripcap of matching blued and gold-studded decoration.