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Le centenaire

As a weapon, the gun only has does not have anything frightening good to him, it is in fact only one kind of "cyclist" to “one shot”. 105 mm length for a 70 mm height, this strange gun weighs approximately 150grams. The unrifled bore, drilled with the calibre .22, measurement 68 mm length and can draw various types of ammunition, with ball, shot or blank.

It is a simple tube, opened with the two ends, in which one with drilled on the back of the "room".

The obstruction is more summary since only the head of the hammer blocks the back of room at the beginning of the shot. The lock, of an extreme simplicity, is placed under the plate of covering. It is made up that of four elements: The hammer, which carries the trigger; the tail of trigger and the two springs which ensure, in the same time, the armament of the hammer and the projection of the tail of trigger in position of shooting. The gun functions in simple action and the ejection of the case is tributary of an unspecified tool introduced into the gun to push back the casing backwards.

Many thanks to "HORST HELD" for the photos.