Chabry in Bordeaux

Pistols of duel to percussion. Approximately 1840.

The signature of the craftsman is on the top of the barrels and the lock. The two weapons are numbered “1” and “2” on the tail of barrel whose gauge is of 9 mm.

The hammer, lock, pommel of grip and the triggerguard is enriched by fine floral engravings.

The ebony wood stick is grooved and carved floral decoration.

Overall length 42 cm.

Thanks to “ARSENAL DE” for the photographs.


François Chabry, born on June 28, 1796 in Bordeaux and deceased on December 13, 1844, son of Jean Chabry commercial in Bordeaux and Jeanne Barbe.

François Chabry is quoted as harquebusier arms manufacturer Quay Burgundy in Bordeaux, with the birth of his son future artiste painter Leonce Chabry on April 18, 1832.

François Chabry had married on March 19, 1829 in Bordeaux, Francoise Brunet.

Leonce Martin Chabry (Bordeaux 1832 - 1882 Brussels), son of the arms manufacturer is an artist of Bordeaux well knows.