Jean Anne Cherat

French Double-Barrel Box-Lock Flintlock Pistol by Jean Anne Cherat, Paris, c. 1790

2-inch cannon barrels engraved with drapery and numbered 1 - 4, the box-lock actions with ribands engraved CHERAT PARIS and ornamented with clouds issuing forth lightning and classical scrollwork overall, each side of the actions engraved with panels scenes one of a panoply-of-arms and the other a naval scene of a three-masted ship in harbour that is guarded by a tower, double cocks engraved en suite, folding trigger at base engraved with drapery, relief-carved walnut grip mounted with a silver cap formed in the image of a lion's face (classical motif of the Nemean Lion killed by Hercules).

Note: Jean Anne Cherat, working 1786 - 1812, was the gunmaker to the King of Spain and of Naples.

See Der Neue Stockel, p. 211.