Fauré Lepage

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Fauré Lepage a Paris

Cased pair of presentation dueling pistols, cal. .48 rifled, 10" octagonal barrel inscribed  F p. H. Fauré Le Page ŕ Paris

Interesting is the dated lid with the following inscription:

par le Duc de Montpensier
au Colonel Breisteff
Vincennes 1846

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FAURE-LEPAGE was a arquebusier and furbisher of very great reputation. It was installed in Paris 1st, with the n° 8 of the Street of Richelieu of 1865 to 1913. This trade still existed in the years 1990. With the origin Mr. Fauré had joined to Henri Lepage, arquebusier specialized in the production of weapons rather close to the work of art, of which splendid boxes of guns of duel and very exceptional shotguns intended for very fortunate customers...

This signature, with it only, is a pledge of quality and moreover more been worth.

The weapons carrying the signature of Lepage or Fauré-Lepage are in France the equivalent of Holland and Holland in Great Britain.

Michel Malherbe

With regard to Leopold Bernard, still a great name of the French harquebusier. It had a factory of guns (for rifles) in Paris, in the very beautiful district of Passy between 1840 and 1855. Leopold Bernard obtained a mention of excellence at the time of the World Fair of Paris in 1839. It worked only in subcontracting for very large arms manufacturers and only on weapons of luxury. Still a signature which is worth its heavy Euros...(or Dollars)

 Michel Malherbe

Fauré Lepage

The weapon is a traditional rifle of living room or of garden of the type FLOBERT, probably caliber 6 or 9 mm FLOBERT with annular percussion.

The barrel is with eight sides, the trigger guard with volutes and the grip English.

This type of weapon is traditional of all the catalogues arms manufacturers of this time when it was sold a few franks (see page of catalogue MASEREEL in Liege attached)

It carries two punches of the bench of tests of Liege is:

Spangled ELG in an oval: acceptance, of use of 1846 to 1893.

X spangled: countermark of the controller, of use of 1877 to 1968.

These two punches enable us to date manufacture from the weapon, is 1877 to 1893!

It is not possible to be more precise.

It also carries other markings is:

On the barrel: the partially illegible mark should be by deduction FAURé LEPAGE A PARIS. This French company of great reputation is very known and goes up far in the 19th century.

As much of French arms manufacturers (and others) it was practical current at the time coming to buy in Liege, of the weapons cheaply and making there engrave its logo before the setting on sale!

The other marks are more difficult to identify like:

The LF on certain parts (LEPAGE - FAURé??? )

EB crowned in an oval dissimulated on wood in an invisible place once the assembled weapon is unknown, that also arrived for me that our facetious arms manufacturers dissimulated their trademark to allot of it a share of paternity in spite of the prestigious mark of a famous Parisian harquebusier.

Other marks 3 - I or H is markings of workshop.