Fontaine et Loron

Pistol of living room, which uses a system of percussion but of which I don’t see at all which could be the ammunition: self-propelled ball or combustible cartouche paper?

- Armament during the swing of the barrel, with a first notch putting the trigger at safety and a second loan to be drawn (it is the part which exceeds in front of the bridge which actuates the system of armament, i.e. a stem which will push the needle)

- Mobile breech containing the tongue-rail of percussion; not to “drageoir”.

- Indicator of armament: the stem which exceeds with the top of the carcass retracts to show that it is armed

- The breech comprises a male part which is embedded in a female part to ensure the sealing.

- 6,8 mm calibre.

- Length 32 cm

- No marking, except the n° 146 above the carcass and n° 1 on the breech and the lever of opening.

- Entirely silver plated.


According to Aloyis, it is about a pistol patented by Loron and Fontaine in Versailles.

Loron is Belgian, but Fontaine French. The patent was deposited in France. Moreover, Loron did not deposit a patent in Belgium for this pistol. But Loron ALSO worked in Liege…

Aloyis alas could not say some to us more.

Mechanism: one pushes towards the line the key under the barrel, which makes it possible the barrel to rock and opens the door sealing the breech in which is the floating striker. By opening the weapon more, the door opens to introduce the ammunition while a hook arms the mechanism with percussion.

There is an indicator of armed (on the specimen of Aloyis in any case) behind the tail with the barrel.

Aloyis probably does not know with what the cartridge resembles, with central percussion. It does not have either any patent concerning this pistol.

It mentions also a pistol-rifle of the same manufacturers Fontaine and Loron Bté in Versailles, in a slightly higher calibre (8 mm instead of 7 mm).

Alain L.