Fourni Fils

It is about a shotgun to piston signed “Fourni Fils à Manosque”.

Stick in drowning selected, gun Damas “Boston”, all numbered parts “91” (Barrel, breech, hammers, trimmings, stick, to the least screw.)

Not having Who’s Who of weapons in France”  I do not know about anything of this famous arms manufacturer who created this weapon, therefore opinion with the experts…

Bought one month ago on Internet for a rather weak sum, it has sudden only one Re-bronzing of the barrel and I manufactured a new rod in holm oak with brass end (5 ours of job), the peak of the left hammer was broken, it was also repaired. (Re-5 ours)

All the remainder was, with share of dirtiness, perfectly in state.

The interior of the barrel is very correct for a weapon which should have in the 150 years, but the age remains to be specified with the assistance of impassioned.

The weapon is perfectly functional and it will be my partner in the contests of plate old weapons.

The type of engraving in round of bump seems rather not very current and the quality of materials make it a rather exceptional weapon.


“Who’s Who” says:

Fourni, arms manufacturer with Manosque (Alpes de Hautes Provence) in 1900.

It is all!