The photographs of rifle that I sent to you represents a FRF1 of my fabrication on the basis of a carcass of MAS 36 which I milled so that it can receive the magazine of the FRF1.

In the place of the rise I manufactured myself a support scope which I welded onto the case (inclined support with 33°) to be able to receive the support scope of the APX 806, scope of origin of the FRF1.

The barrel is a heavy barrel confined into 308.

Wood is a wood of FRF1 modified for put it in order to go up on the carcass and also reams to accept a tube of larger diameter.

The trigger guard is a trigger guard of FRF1 with integrated safety.

The shape of the arming lever was modified to be able to be operated with its new wood.

The modification of the head of second breech enables me to confine the cartridge of 307 Winchester and of is made my weapon passes from the first category (subjected to detention) to the fifth category (subjected only to declaration).

It is the reason of the inscription of the gauge on weapon (307 WIN).

Here for the precise details.

Amitié Jean-Marie.