Galand-Giffard rifle with pneumatic cartouche.

It appears in retro-catalogs Galand of 1879.

Galand explains the system there: a pneumatic cartouche equipped with a valve, that one inflates with a pump, and which the striker thus comes to strike to release the air contained. It is “refillable”.

The cartridge is introduced into the mobile breech and the ball introduced directly into the barrel.

There were two models:

- The n° 74: unrifled bore of 8 mm, intended for the shooting of a sheaf of small shots for the hunting of small game at short distance

- The n° 73 (that presented): rifled bore of 6 mm for shooting with ball of precision

Length 1,06 m; weight 3,7 kg; the diameter of the barrel is of 23 mm.

It was manufactured some models transformed for the shooting of standard cartouches into 6 mm Flobert.