Giron & Chanon

Description of single stroke rifle with percussion.

Overall length: 1330 mm

Length barrel: 932 mm

Calibre: 16 mm

On closing and barrel on the stick marking: M2

On the barrel several marking and inscription:


D.M. with TORDU lower part.


On the lock: GIRON & CHANON a St ETIENNE.

(A and T integrated in the loop of the S)

Stick head of Wild boar

Miss the rod and the hammer (of which I will like to know the form, for if required finding one of similar of them)

In “Der Neue Stöckel”, just like in the “Jarlier”: “Giron & Chanon, Harquebusier with Saint Etienne in 1835”, not more!!

Guillaume V. (France)

There is a Digonnet (not the initial one of first name), arms manufacturer with St-Etienne 1854-1892 street Villeboeuf maybe the salesman?

Another Digonnet (without initial) Harquebusier in Lyon in 1850 

HPH (Belgique)