Jean Griotier

According to Stöckel:

GRIOTIER Jean - St-Etienne 1740-1760. Manufacturer of weapons. In 1743, it carried out an order for the regiment of the Dragons of the Dolphin: 20 carbines, 215 rifles and 301 pistols. The name is also written GRIOTTIER or GRIOLIER.

As for COMINAZZO, there are 3 pages in this dictionary of them… It is probably about one of Giovanni (there is several!). This family exerted in Gardone Val Trompia of 16th at the 18th century.

Michel (Belgium)

The pistol be period between 1740 - 1760 bus the name of the manufacturer of the barrel (which should be read GIO- LAZARINO- COMINAZZO) is there approximately these years, where a little bit front. The line of the stick as well as pommel and turntable are typically French (where better, not Italian).

Gio (Giovanni) Lazarino Cominazzo was a nephew of Lazarino Cominazzo, very famous manufacturer of barrels of Brescia, which began its work at the end of the 16th century. There are no badly imitations also of barrels “Lazzarine” because the name was in Europe a guarantee of quality. It is not rare that the original barrels were also used for assembly (or reassembly) of pistols produced with the outside of Italy.

Alb (Italy)