Javelle Warnant

Cal 11 mm 73

Characteristic: the ejector automatically makes turn the cylinder of a notch.

Markings: to see the photographs (Fabrique St Etienne and 361 on the left-hand side)

It is not me which calls it Warnant Javelle but Mr. Vuillemin in his work “Les revolvers militaires français”, indeed I forgot patented marking “Javelle” which is reproduced on the section before axis of cylinder. This one being of only one part with the ejector patent which thus relates to this system of ejection. When the ejector is pushed its conical form automatically makes turn the cylinder of a notch what will be difficult to photograph because there is a return spring forwards.

Punch L crowned beside “C.MARTINIER”.



Many thanks to "Comptoir Français de l'arquebuserie" and Serge C. for the pictures.

Photos Littlegun

Javelle M.

Little model

Photos Littlegun


A French firm manufactures the necessary to reload this type of ammunition.

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