Labbé à Niort

France, circa 1830.

A pair of target pistols, the octagonal barrels rebrowned, the chambers in caliber 12 mm with twelve-groove rifling. Smooth lock plates, set triggers. Upper side of barrels and locks signed "Labbé a Niort". Florally carved half stocks are with polished steel furniture. Length each 40 cm. A pair of traveling pistols with octagonal Damascus barrels, ten-groove rifled in caliber 9 mm, lateral ELG acceptance stamps. Hammers and lock plates with a tendril decoration. Engraved half stocks are with iron furniture. Detachable iron ramrods within the pommel caps. Length each 20.5 cm. A target pistol with fluted octagonal, browned barrel and rifled chamber in caliber 5.5 mm. Floral carved half stock, iron furniture with engraved vines. Length 37 cm.

Cased with a rich array of accessories. Black-lacquered wooden case. Lined on the inside with green velvet, gold-stamped manufacturer's stamp on inside cover. Laid-in various loading and cleaning rods, ball extractor, two pair of tongs, nipple-wrench, loading hammer, priming flasks and turned wooden boxes for percussion-caps and loading wads.