LAGREZE Elièze Guillaume

LAGREZE Elièze Guillaume, arquebusier, street Rambuteau n° 10 in Paris.

Depositor of 12 Belgian patents (some with PIDAULT Martial) of 1856 to 1890, relating to rifles and a pistol-revolver.

There are 3 Belgian patents (one of importation and two of improvement) deposited by LAGREZE Elieze Guillaume and PIDAULT Martial in 1866 and 1867 and whose object is: "Improvements brought to the firearms".

Michel (Belgium)

According to Stoeckel: Lagrèze, G, Paris, 1846-1890, arquebusier and inventor. 1850 street St Honore 184, 1856 street Rambuteau 10.

Udo (Germany)

Lagreze (Son) Guillaume, inventor has Paris; patents in 1857 for a cut cartridge, in 1860 for a revolver, 1864 a rifle with central percussion (Lagreze&Pidault patent) One finds it until 1899 (Gaston Lagreze).

(Buigné-Jarlier, Who’s who of weapons in France)

EM (Italia)

LAGREZE sometimes spelled LAGIEZE, inventor and arms manufacturer (?) Parisian under Napoleon III, associated PIDAULT for rifle patented GEVELOT "P.L.", or Pisdault-Lagrèze rifle. It was a competitor not selected of Chassepot, arms with lever with trigger guard and mobile chamber, manufactured with some specimens at Gévelot before 1870.

Its cartridge is also covered by a patent: it acts of one 11 mm with horizontal pin masked by a base of brass, projectile of lead Chassepot and tube of paperboard rolled. A later version exists in the collection of layouts of the SFM, with case out of pressed brass and more traditional starting (central percussion). I of never saw whereas the first exists in several European and American collections.

I made to an article on this weapon in the late Belgian review AMI, n° 75 of May 1986.

It should not be too hard to find it.

Well cordially.

P. Regenstreif (France)

Littlegun (Michel) found the article. (See Pidault Lagrèze)