Joseph Lamotte

PAIR OF FLINTLOCK PISTOLS St. Etienne around 1780

Pair of high-grade flintlock pistols from St. Etienne made around 1780. Very rare, round, two-stepped smooth bronze barrels with canon-like muzzles and clam-like beads as well as side ribs at the rear barrel section.

Finely engraved with trophies and ray bundles, signed J. Lamotte Laine A St. Etienne (Joseph Lamotte, St. Etienne/France, +1784), on the side proof marks of St. Etienne,

iron barrel end blades with rear-sight groove. Rounded, smooth locks with swan neck hammers and brass pans. Analogue to the massive barrels strong, profiled full walnut stocks with thickened ends and iron mountings (butt plates, profiled and strengthened trigger guards, highly profiled side plates and ramrod tube) as well as rich silver wire inlays behind the barrel end screws (stylized vases with flower cirrus).

Highly rare, fine but robust pair possibly made for a navy officer.

Length 25 cm, cal. 16,5 mm.