Ed. Lefaure

This parlorpistol was made by Ed. Lefaure Paris, in about 1850.

There is no evidence that Flobert had granted permission to Lefaure for using any of his patents for the rimfire Flobert system or cartridge.

Probably that is why Lefaure invented a system of his own, in fact this seems to be a precursor to the Warnant system, also using a hinged breech that holds a flooting firingpin. It is a light weight and slender pistol, the stock is in ebony. No extractor is present, so after pivoting the breach upwards one had to peel out the spent case by hand, that is by fingernails.

Sophisticated as it may be by its well balanced form, but rather primitive by function I would say. Then again, please bear in mind that around 1850 the rimfire cartridge was still a novelty.



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