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Jean Michallon

Jean Michallon is Harquebusier with Verdun about 1830 and arrives to Paris about 1840 while having made a halt between two to Saint Etienne. Dies on May 21, 1871.

Deposit several patents:

For a system with percussion under.

A revolver of transition pinfire taking again the system to trunk (see description below).

For battery of rifles or pistol.

Several addresses known:

23 Street Valbenoit 1861

1 Street of Lodi 1864

4 Small street Saint Jean 1868

Source: “Who’s Who weapon in France by Pierre Jarlier” Volume 1 page 286.

Michallon designs weapons with trunk and percussion of which it uses the concept to carry out this 12 mm with pin.

Arm which also exists in 7 mm (see page 98 of the book of Dimitri Singer “Guns and Revolvers of pocket at the 19th century”).

This revolver is a “second model” since we find a connection between the barrel and the trigger guard to consolidate the unit (on the first model, the connection misses making the weapon fragile).

The loading of the cylinder is made left side, contrary to the majority of the pin revolvers of this time.

While arming the hammer slightly, the cylinder turns freely, allowing the loading by a simple opening, without door.

Once the loaded cylinder, the hammer armed by Simple Action, the position of the opening is between two openings preventing the ammunition from leaving.

At the time of the armament of the hammer, the cylinder turns in the contrary direction of the needles of a watch…. There too, contrary to the weapons of this time.

The oversize hammer decorates itself of a hole in its medium to be able to take the aiming.

Stick out of wooden of only one part, standard rebirth, provided with a rod of ejection with ring, screwed in the cap.

Very few visible markings on this weapon, the support of stick, at the base of the hammer: “MICHALLON BREVETE”.

Nature: Civil weapon with lawful calibre.

Current weight: 750 grams.

Overall length: 310 mm.

Length of the gun: 168 mm.

Completion: Polish-white.

Barrel: 6 blows with pin gauges 12 mm.

Mechanism: Single Action only.