A. J. Paris

Pin-Fire Revolver Cane Gun with Spike Bayonet.

The six-shot pinfire revolver marked: A / J / Paris/Brevete. Folding trigger. Horn handle. Triangular bayonet on end. Concealed in black lacquered walking cane with german silver tip. Overall length 35-inches

But which is this A/J/Paris/Brevete?

A.J. Paris. Most similar, a JACQUELIN in Paris, depositor of patent for a “Case of pipe-carry-revolver known as: Etui Jacquelin”. One can deduce from it that it was interested in the “engines” of this kind. The only problem: it was called Claude…

There is also a JACQUELIN A. in Dunkirk, depositing for a “New system of firearm”, as well as a JACQUEMART André (System of rifle-canes with central percussion) but in Liege….

Michel (Belgium)