Francois Peniet

.54 Caliber French Gold and Silver-Mounted Flintlock Pistol by Francois Peniet a Paris, Probably Before 1805

8 1/4-inch, swamped octagonal barrel decorated with a seme of ninety stars framed by gold-inlaid borders, drapery, and an extensive and elaborate gilt panel featuring lightning, gold-inlaid PENIET A PARIS and an arrow motif, gold foresight; lockplate engraved with intricate borders and an eagle, a rooster, and inscribed Peniet a Paris, set-trigger with tension screw; walnut full-stock extensively inlaid with exuberant embellishments of silver-wire forming meandering floral scrollwork and silver panels, engraved classical faces, rooster heads, and foliage, barrel tang surrounded by foliage and a shield motif executed in two colours of gold, basket-weave chequered grip, faceted silver ramrod pipes, silver pommel cap with a neo-classical head wearing an embellished Renaissance parade helmet decorated with a Wyphern (a motif also seen in Boutet firearms of the period of the First Consul, the head); silver triggerguard with gold-overlaid helmeted-head contained within a circular frame surmounted by a Roman fasces upon which stands a rooster, the triggerguard's bow with high-relief lion face, the guard strap struck three times with Parisian silver maker's marks.

Ram rod with ivory tip.