French Perrin M.1859 (2nd Type) Revolver

Cal. 11 mm Perrin

French Perrin M.1859 (2nd type) revolver in all original condition. There are several models of the Perrin revolver, all of them quite scarce. This model can be recognized by the characteristic double action only hammer, and an extra screw on the right side of the frame. The revolver was manufactured by L. Perrin in Paris, as indicated by markings on the left side of the frame, and on the right side of the cylinder rod housing, "Perrin & Cie Bte". The mechanism of the revolver is based on L. Perrin patents. These revolvers were privately purchased by French army officers, and also were sold to the civilians. They have seen action during the Franco-Prussian War, some may have ended up in the United States, during the Civil War. The revolver has matching serial numbers (the external serial numbers are stamped only on the barrel and on the cylinder). Very high quality of machining. The revolver has a very nice one piece dark walnut grip. These revolvers were manufactured either with polished steel finish, or with brown finish. The cylinder capacity is six rounds. 5.75 inch long round barrel. With lanyard ring.

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Perrin 1865