Perrin Lepage Louis

PERRIN-LEPAGE Louis, Poitiers, Vienne+Paris, of 1823 to 1865. Expose to the industrial exposure of 1823. Marry Justine, the girl of Jean LEPAGE *1746. Around 1830 in Paris, 7 street of the scale „Armory of trade and its manufacture “. In 1832, in collaboration with his brother-in-law (Jean Andre Prosper) Henry LEPAGE deposits a patent for a pistol with loading by the back. In 1840, 24 street of the roadway of Antin; in 1850, 15 street Notre Dame de Lorette; also announced 15 Bd des capucines. In 1856, 51 street Lafitte. Shooting range: 47 White street, later with Enghien, Valley of Oise. Receives in 1855, 1858, 1859 and 1865 of the patents for revolvers with percussion and with caps.



Circa 1850. 13 1/4 inch overall length. About 13mm caliber. Fine beautifully checkered high grade walnut stocks. Sculpted ebony butts. Superb scroll engraving on metal throughout.

Fine Damascus orthogonal barrels with a nice gilded decor at breech and barrel tip, marked "INVon PERIN LEPAGE BREVETE A PARIS" in gold letters on barrel tops.

Photographs of "ANTIQUEFIREARMS"