It is well the name “Peugeot” as he was written in years 50/60 on the bicycles and the pepper mills, like on the back trunk of cars 203 and 403.

Peugeot started with the pepper mills (they are still always manufactured), then the bicycles and the cars. Then why not of the shotguns?

Marcel (Belgium)

Peugeot, manufacturer of weapons of hunting of luxury to St Etienne in 1935

EM (Italy)

One of the Peugeot brothers specialized in various mechanical manufacture: drilling machine, coffee mills, tools various, which were especially diffused in France. The weapons of hunting and shooting are located in this crenel.

Michel (Belgium)

Peugeot: manufacturer of weapons of hunting of luxury in Saint-Etienne (Loire), 46 street Gutenberg (seat), 50, avenue of Rochetaillée (factory) in 1935 according to Qui est Qui weapon in France of JJ Buigné and Pierre Jarlier.

Phil (Belgium)

It is doubtless about a subcontracting of artisan manufacture with guns MASSIOT (it is written above). PEUGEOT granted the use of its mark with an advertising aim (and undoubtedly well paid!) in order to make believe in a so-called manufacture of shotguns by the mark with the Lion…

Same manner, Peugeot made manufacture at UNIQUE pistols caliber 6,35 mm (25 ACP) renamed PEUGEOT!!!

Nevertheless this superimposed is rather pretty…

PR (France)



The Peugeot weapons were manufactured in Saint-Etienne (France) by the “Manufactures d'Armes” of the company “Cycles Peugeot S.A.”, become subsidiary of the Peugeot group thereafter under the name of “Société de Construction Mécanique Peugeot Loire”.

This area had been selected for its highly qualified labour, Saint-Etienne being the centre of the manufacture of the weapons in France.

The production started in the middle of the Twenties and in the catalogue of 1930 one could already find 4 models of shotgun to two juxtaposed barrels and 2 models with two superimposed barrel, like 2 automatic pistols.

The quality of these firearms and their level of safety quickly gave a good reputation to Peugeot.

In 1936 the range was made up of 21 shotguns and 5 rifles.

The Second World War stopped this activity and the difficulties of the industrial restarting in 1945 reflect end with this industrial branch.