Plotton Rigaud

There are 11 manufacturers of weapons with the name Rigaud known with St Etienne, all credit between 1770 and approximately 1850. There is no Pierre Rigaud, but it is not either the name which is on the barrel of this rifle: a work of restoration on the photograph lets see that the higher name is not Pierre, but rather PLOTTON (see the improved photograph)

We did not find many details about Plotton, but there are well the traces of a firm Plotton Frères, manufacturers of weapons which was placed in 1879, 21 street Franc-Maçons with St Etienne.

This Rigaud, in collaboration with Plotton probably produced this rifle - or only the barrel.

Beside number 34 in an oval, an official punch of St Etienne is of use of the 19.2.1824 until at the beginning of 1856. This rifle was thus made undoubtedly between 1824 and 1856.

Number 34 in an oval could mean that it was made in the year 1834, but on this subject no certainty exists.

C crowned is the mark of the controller.

Photo retravaillée