Jean-Baptiste RIVOLIER

On the rifle manufactured by P.M Fouque, punch J-B R is that of the manufacturer of weapons Jean-baptiste RIVOLIER.

They worked together on this rifle at a certain time.

JM ROBIN (Belgium)

According to the “Jarlier-Buigné”

Rivolier Jean Baptist, manufacturer of weapons of Saint Etienne (Loire).

Creator of the company in 1830.

With his son Alexis, inventor and agent of patents, it will found the establishments Rivolier Father and son.

Pierre Marie Fouque

Sliding barrel rifle according to the Patent of Mr. Fouque:

Pierre Marie Fouque, French Civil engineer, deposited a Patent the 5/5/1867 in Belgium concerning the transformation of the army rifles into shotgun.

The drawing of the patent corresponds exactly to rifle in photograph.