Matched Pair of Gold-Inlaid Over-and-Under, Box-Lock Percussion Pistols

36 cal., 2-7/8 inch bbl., brown finish, burl walnut grips. Each pistol has two barrels, double hammers and a single, folding, trigger. The locks are decorated with gold inlays. “ROLLIN” is inlaid in gold in a gold oval on the right side of each frame and “A NANCY” is inlaid on the left side. Rollin worked in Nancy, France, as early as 1836, last appearing in the business directory in 1855. Surrounding the names are delicate gold inlaid floral sprays. The edges of the frame sides are bordered with gold inlays. Gold zigzag borders are inlaid on the bottom of the lock and a gold floral design and border are inlaid on the frame tang. The round barrels are not decorated. The bag-shaped grips are burl walnut and are inlaid with a tiny silver shield engraved with a script monogram ”LS”. The barrels have a deep plum brown patina.

Many thanks to "CWSLAGLEANTIQUES" for the pictures