Scherrer Henri

Shotgun to double barrel, locks with double trigger, key “Top lever”.

The unit is engraved and it wood is finely squared.

The marks on the lower part of the barrels as on the table are the marks of the proofhouse of Saint Etienne:

PT crowned: Definitive proof with smokeless powder

Saint Etienne with two punches of cross bay-trees: superior black powder proof of semi finished barrels. Since 1924 at 15.500 Psi and called double proof.

1317 : Serial number

Double épreuve: Double proof.

P.D 951: marks of workshop.

Choke breveté – portée garantie: Choke patented - guaranteed range.

Acier ressué: Die check (see here : Dye check)

Le nec plus ultra: What is done best

17.0: value of the choke

Marsot: mark unknown

Scherrer Henri

"Fabrique centrale d’armes" to Paris in 1926.