A heavy flintlock target rifle

Les Soissons, Grenoble, circa 1680

Octagonal barrel, becoming sixteen-sided, with micro-groove rifling in 16 mm calibre. The muzzle is separated with a baluster, ends with four flats and has a dovetailed sight. There is a tube rear sight screw mounted on the tang.

Lightly engraved flintlock with a hair set trigger and a cock safety. The cambered lockplate (somewhat blurred) is signed "Les Soissons a Grenoble".

Walnut root wood stock with floral carving and a dark buttstock. Iron furniture. The finely engraved side plate has wing nuts for rapidly dismounting the lock. Length: 108.5 cm.

Les Soissons was a pseudonym for the gun making family Dominique, Arnoux and Francois Seillier of Grenoble.