Narcisse Teixido

Here thus this Teixido rifle about which I spoke you.

It is about a smooth gauge 12 flintlock to draw the plate, and he gives very good results.

The stick is in drowning varnished and the whole of the other parts was produced by Narcisse Teixido.

The gun is German tube worked by him also and tested with St Etienne.

The whole of the trimmings is out of bronze, nicely engraved.

This weapon presented here in its version luxates (Bronze) was produced with 10 specimens; this model carries the F9 number.

Some models were then produced with polished steel trimmings.

Mr. Teixido was a craftsman arms manufacturer of Grenade (31) in the "Haute Garonne".

He produced many weapons of great quality, guns and long weapons of all types, boxes of great beauty and miniatures of guns Gribeauval type and others. He died out 8 years ago. I did not have the chance to know it but when this weapon passed to my range I did not hesitate 1 hourů


Teixido with percussion

Here the big brother of Teixido with Silex. A rifle with percussion gauges 12 smooth with blasting powder.

Very sympathetic to use, it finished (with my assistance) 13th with the championships of France Shooting-trap old weapons this year.

Manufactured in few specimens, 25 I believe.