Charles Carroll Tevis

Extremely rare French Revolver with percussion with the inscription on the gun "colonel Tevis".

Here the text in the book "The revolver 1818-1865" by AWF Taylerson:

Patent 17 may 1856 - patent number 1177 - name of Patentee C.C. Tevis (Provisional Protection).

Title "an improved revolver"

Expiry date 17 November 1856


Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Carroll Tevis (of Paris) protected a ring-trigger, self-cocking percussion revolver, with a two-piece cylinder from which a nippled backing-plate was to be removed, for loading the chambers from their rear. This plate had coned plugs fitting into each chamber (to stop gas-leak, on discharge) and the barrel was vertically pivoted. Tevis his revolver must have been incredibly dangerous to fire, and no specimen of it is known today.


Regarding your file that reproduces the Tevis revolver, I think that it will be interesting for you to know that Charles Carroll Tevis born in Philadelphia on Feb.22, 1828. He participated to the American Civil War in the Northern Army and he was mainly a mercenary officer.

Tevis patented his revolver also in France in Paris on May 5, 1856 n. 27755 for 15 years. Exactly two days before the English patent. The revolver was the same.

Paolo R.

I have seen the photos and read the information about the revolver classified as Pidault and Cordier in your website and now I wish to emphasize some points.

The revolver classified as above said (Pidault and Cordier) is really a revolver Tevis. It should be advisable to transfer those photos in the Tevis file, also because the object is the same.

Besides what is written in the book of A.W.F. Taylerson-R.A.N. Andrews-J.Frith "The revolver 1818-1865", page 312,

C.C.Tevis patented his revolver in Paris on May 15, 1856 nr. 27755. This patent was released to Tevis and Pidauld but with the description "revolver système Tevis".

That is: Tevis was the inventor and Pidauld carried out the material realization. This revolver is the same of the photo classified in your website both under Pidault – Cordier and under Tevis.

Plus, I inform you that the design enclosed to the patent n. 27755, is the same of the Tevis revolver.

On May 29, 1860 (4 years later) Pidault and Cordier patented (pat. nr. 45322) a "système de revolver perfectionné avec cartouche speciale". This is the revolver also known as Raphael, also in this case the comparison between the revolver ant the design enclosed to the patent is self-explanatory.

I do hope to have given to you useful information and I would like to read them on the right file.

Best regards

Paolo Ronco

As much this revolver “Standard Pidault names & Cordier”, I also left the photographs in the heading Pidault & Cordier but by adding your text to it.

Many thanks to Paolo


Charles Carroll Tevis

Brevet U.K.