TURBIAUX Jacques Edmond (Protector)


J.E. Turbiaux, armorer and inventor who live in Paris from 1880 to 1895 at 210 Rue St Maur et 11 rue Bichat created  patent no 2731 in 1882, a patent for a gun with a radial cylinder under the name 'Le Protector' (legally in Germany it was patent 21929, England, Belgium, Italy and the USA patent number 273644 of 6/3/1883).

A palm pistol with a flat star shaped cylinder. One places the index and major fingers on either side of the barrel and then presses the springed lever in the palm: the chambers turn and the hammer armes and then strikes the cartridge.

A safety switch (diferent on US models) placed on the body stops the movement and locks the lever trigger: the pin situated on the one which buts up to the barrier created by the dust cover (in the safety position) and blocks the movement.

The gun opens with a quarter turn on the cover.

On lightly pressing the lever trigger the chambers fall and the cartridges are place in the interior of it.

The mechanism is found opposite the over cover and is a little different (reinforced) because of a measure of the production. The serial number is found in the interior of this one (and a second number sometimes identical and sometimes different of unknown significance) and also a tiny makers mark which represents a Protector revolver.


2 french versions :

Le big model : 7 shot, 8 mm caliber (8mm Turbiaux or 8 mm Protector or even .32 Protector ) center fire , length 130 mm with a 45 mm barrel.

The small model (illustrated underneath) 10 shot, 6mm 6 mm Turbiaux or Protector) center fire, length 110 mm, with a 40 mm barrel.

Finish: Generally chrome, with plates in black ebony or in ivory.

Markings : PARIS Bté SGDG EN FRANCE ET A L’ETRANGER right side.



The US version (in caliber .32):

Produced by Minneapolis Fire Arms C° under the name 'Palm Squeezer' firm J. Duckworth de Springfield (+/- 3500)

Followed (1892) by Chicago Fire Arms C° (Palm pistol The Protector) - firm Arms Sword C° de Chicopee Falls – Massachussets (see on the site at USA Chicago Fire Arms)

There exists a version (rarely) with a broken head design of John T. Norris.


6 and 8 mm Protector