Manufacture Impériale de Turin

Here some photographs of a rifle model 1777 corrected Year 9 of Pomegranate.

Manufactured in 1813 with the Imperial Manufacture of Turin.

It was manufactured approximately 14500 rifle of this model in 1813.

The lock is marked punch of Francesco Roatis reviser of manufacture until 1814.

These rifles equipped the soldiers with the various units of the army of Italy, divided Napolitaines, battalions of Vélites of Turin, inter alia.

One can note the very beautiful marking of the lock, and the particular marking of the tail of breech with the “M” whose style seems very childish.

The interior of the lock is of very good quality, and particularly the springs extremely sharp and finished well like the whole of the mechanical parts which constitute it.

The barrel is of good quality and the interior is in very good state.

The stick in drowning carry well the weight of the decades and a small restoration made it possible to give again a presentable appearance to him.

One notes the punch of “Villien” controller on the trimmings.

Just for the small history:

The lock marking was made by dieing in this manufacture, by engraving in others.