Rifle of National Guard dated 1833

Here the rifle of National Guard dated 1833.

The punch of stock clearly indicates “Town of St Etienne 1833 P November” with its cock of July to the centre which presses its leg a N Napoleonic.

Many markings on the wood of which a punch crowned “B” and “J.P. JACQUET” side against lock and under the stick, one G spangled.

Side opposed to the cock, regimental marking “P.N”? and 77 I 4?

I will be quite content that information comes to me in connection with these markings.

The metal parts all are marked of D crowned or spangled. Gun with the punch of St Etienne and controls under the gun.

All the parts are with the same number “5” including the springs of nasturtium “grenadière” and to “embouchoir”.

The period corresponds to a great requirement out of weapons during which civil arms manufacturers supplied the national guards, which explains the absence of “Manufacture” on the lock.

This weapon carries a whole of inspection and hallmarks to the same degree that the weapons of manufacture.

Their dimensions are exactly those of the rifle of “Voltigeur” 1816 put aside lock it type An9.