MAS 36 Anti-tank??


Calibre: 7.9mm.

Overall length: 1.021m

Length of the barrel: 0.507m

Length of the striped part: 0.382m

Weight: 7.8 kg

Stripes: 4 to the left

Capacity: 2 shots

Diameter of the basin of shooting: 17.3mm


This rifle carries any marking, neither punches, nor numbers??

Box of cylinder head has dimensions much more important than the model of origin!

The barrel is in two parts, the back part, which form part of the carcass with the room, and the front part, striped, which is screwed in the extension of the carcass.

If you know something about this rifle, do not hesitate to contact me.

Photographs and details nicely sent by a collector which I thank.

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