Murata Meji 13th Year Type

Japanese Murata Meji 13th Year Type single shot infantry rifle, also known as Murata M.1880.

It was built by Koishikawa, Tokyo Imperial Arsenal.

This was the first Japanese designed and built breech loading rifle. The rifle design was clearly influenced by Gras, Mauser and Beaumont rifles.

It was a result of the Major Tsuneyoshi Murata trip to Europe and his visits to the major gun factories there.

The rifle was manufactured neither with a safety, nor with an extractor. The matching numbers are stamped on the receiver, barrel, barrel bands, nose cap, buttplate, rear sights and on the trigger guard. No serial numbers are stamped on all the remaining parts of the rifle, which is correct for this model.

The Imperial Chrysanthemum is still present on the chamber. Several Japanese characters are also stamped on the barrel and receiver, ("Imperial National Japanese Murata", "Tokyo Military Arsenal for Firearms" and "Meji Thirteen Year").

Ramp and leaf rear sight graduated to 1600 meter.

One piece walnut stock with straight wrist. Two military style sling swivels. Bayonet lug is located on the right side of the front barrel band.

Overall length is 51 inch.

Barrel length is 32 inch.

Many thanks to "COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS" for these very nice pictures.