Werkplaatsen voor Draagbare Wapenen

Dutch M.1873 OM Army Revolver

Cal. 9.4 mm centerfire

Large frame Dutch army revolver in 9.4 mm caliber. The revolver was adopted by Dutch army in 1873 and was manufactured by several Dutch gun makers. This particular revolver was manufactured by Werkplaatsen voor Draagbare Wapenen in Hembrug, as indicated by markings on the right side of the frame, "W.D.W" (in the oval). The "W.D.W" marked Dutch M. 1873 Old Model revolvers are quite scarce. They were manufactured from 1897 to 1898. Only 728 of such revolvers were manufactured by this maker in Hembrug. The "Old Model" revolvers had an octagonal barrel and a serial number with no prefix (as opposed to "New Model" revolvers, that had a round barrel and a letter prefix in front of the serial number). The serial number is stamped on the left side of the barrel, close to the frame.

Many thanks to “COLLECTIBLEFIREARMS” for the pictures.