Lawful standard Netherlander AN IX

Here a curious pistol having been useful in the regular manner in the Dutch army (for proof regimental markings on the cap).

Of general aspect, it is quasi a AN 9 French, except for lock markings and of the form to “embouchoir” it.

Built in 1835, it uses a barrel of recovery of AN 9 (barrel marked of the B of Blachon and dated year 13, therefore coming from Saint Etienne).

One finds a model similar in the book of Brooker “Armes de poing militaires françaises” (French military weapons of fist) on page 258.


Embouchoir: MF

Other trimmings: L

Lock: P (of Piron) in an oval and 35 (1835)

Cap: F (or E?) 71 (regimental marking).